Do Not Stomp on Me

Acrylic and ink on canvas


We will not be oppressed. I will not be silenced. I will stand up for my rights and not be stomped on and be blindsided. Don't Stomp on Me is an acrylic painting imitating the style of Chinese advertisement posters. The Chinese characters translate to the title's name and is hand written with Chinese ink over the acrylic commercial characters. The blind contour drawings of the feet create free flowing and organic shapes that emphasises the concept of not being blindsided by the government.

IMG_2377 copy.jpg


Ink, detergent and thread on watercolour paper


Ethereal explores how human beings attempt to impose meanings on disorder and make order out of chaos. We are continuously attempting to stitch together the fragments of our lives to create meaning; to capture and solidify the ethereal nature of existence. The stitching over the inks represent the tendency of human beings to seek cohesion and coherence in distinct and fragmentary objects and events.