White Noise

Acrylic plexiglass, L brackets, binding posts, vinyl


Awkward silences are a temporary disconnection to someone. When both parties do not say anything but are both aware of the awkward pause in conversation because they do not what to say or do. White Noise is a collapsible object that can be worn as a backpack to express the feelings of disconnection and also as an object for connection by inserting the head through the holes. 



Acrylic plexiglass, threaded rod, hex nuts, wire


My personal symbol in a 3D form.


Wire, thread, glue, paint


Disturbance embodies the disruption of nature caused by humans. Installed among the trees of Arcadia, NSW, the installation sculpture represents human’s industrialised interference with nature and the ongoing disturbances. I used the wire to symbolise the industrialisation by humans. Resembling a stormy cloud, string is attached to the wire with raindrop shaped glue glued on the strings. The layering of the wires imitates the ripples caused by disruption of a still lake.