The shower is a personal and intimate space. A small, mundane ritual that we often oversee but has immense and varying value depending on the individual experience. A place to cleanse. A place to refresh. A place to meditate. A place to contemplate. A place of pure solitude. A place where one is at their most vulnerable state. A place where we are truly in our raw skin.


Collage animation


A one minute collage animation based off the quote "Because we are alone, with the strange thing that has entered us" from the novel, Letters to a Young Poet.



My film explores the connections between patience and ephemerality. In the modern world, patience is seen as a virtue, not a vital quality that we seek in others. We are satisfied by the instant gratification rather than by achieving a long term goal. We seem to focus too much on the present and neglect thinking about the future. We all are caught up in fast paced lives where we don’t have to wait long for anything. In my film, the concept of ephemerality is conveyed through the objects that pass by quickly yet feel like an eternity when there is focus on it. My film aims to challenge people’s patience and for others to appreciate the little things in life.